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Parity is an acuity-based solution to optimize your
nurse workforce.

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About Parity
Healthcare Analytics

How It Works

Parity’s acuity-based staffing software for perinatal clinical units (OB and NICU) takes real-time information to provide the data needed to make efficient, effective, safe staffing decisions now. And beyond today’s needs, Parity’s analytics help nurse leaders forecast demand, fine-tune scheduling and improve budgeting.

Our Vision

The nurse workforce shortage is real with no end in sight. We provide the tools you need to optimize your nurse workforce while providing safe, high-quality, cost-effective services.


Parity is an innovative, turnkey, intuitive and standalone SaaS solution with a streamlined implementation process.

Fast Facts


Adherence to nurse staffing ratios

Average labor cost savings in first year's use


Reduction in high cost nursing dollars