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Parity Healthcare Analytics & National Perinatal Information Center (NPIC) Announce Collaboration

Dec 6, 2023

We are excited to announce that Parity Healthcare Analytics has collaborated with the National Perinatal Information Center (NPIC) in an effort to connect evidence-based staffing and evidence-based care.

Heidi Morin, MSN, MBA, RN, FABC, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Parity Healthcare Analytics: “Parity Healthcare Analytics is dedicated to empowering hospitals with the tools and data required for the successful implementation of evidence-based nurse staffing in OB and NICU settings. Recognizing the pivotal role of perinatal quality and outcome data in advancing healthcare practices, our commitment to excellence led us to seek a strategic collaboration. Today, we are delighted to announce our collaboration with the National Perinatal Information Center (NPIC), renowned for their expertise in providing hospitals with comprehensive perinatal outcome and quality data insights.

This collaboration marks a significant milestone in our journey towards enhancing maternal and neonatal care. With NPIC, we combine our strengths to unlock deeper insights into the correlation between nurse staffing and patient outcomes. Together, our companies share a common vision—to revolutionize healthcare through the transformative power of data. We look forward to advancing the landscape of perinatal care and achieving new heights in improving the well-being of mothers and newborns.”

Elizabeth Rochin, Ph.D., RN, NE-BC, President of the National Perinatal Information Center: “For almost 40 years, the National Perinatal Information Center (NPIC) has been a committed data and research partner for hospitals and healthcare organizations throughout the United States, in supporting their maternal and neonatal outcomes and quality improvement efforts. The use of actionable data can be a powerful tool in eliminating preventable maternal morbidity and mortality. NPICs expertise in providing benchmarked peer subgroup data is a leading factor in connecting high-performing hospitals with those working to achieve the highest maternal and neonatal outcomes.

NPIC has been actively seeking strategic collaborations with organizations that connect with our own mission of improving maternal and newborn outcomes through the power and use of high-quality data. Never have there been so many national discussions focused on the importance of nurse staffing within inpatient units, particularly obstetric and neonatal units. Parity Healthcare Analytics, through its unique and innovative use of data to explore staffing models and trends, creates a new paradigm in these national conversations. NPIC is delighted to be a part of this collaboration with Parity, to bring the power of data science to the bedside in achieving the highest possible quality of care.”

This collaboration will focus on identifying relationships between appropriate, acuity-based staffing levels, and maternal/neonatal patient outcomes. This work will lead to the implementation of data driven evidence care models for perinatal units that aim to directly improve maternal mortality.

For more information about Parity and how it can help maximize your nurse workforce, contact Heidi Morin, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Parity Healthcare Analytics.

For more information about the National Perinatal Information Center and how membership can benefit your organization, contact Dr. Elizabeth Rochin, President, NPIC.