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Parity Founder Heidi Morin to speak at Synova Perinatal Conference

Oct 27, 2023

Parity Healthcare Analytics and the Maine Rural Maternity & Obstetrics Management Strategies Network (RMOMS) announced today they are piloting a program with the goal of ensuring patients have high-quality access to obstetrical (OB) services, regardless of where they reside in Maine.

The partnership will specifically focus on implementation of evidence-based solutions to improve the nursing workforce in OB hospitals.

“Like many states, Maine has seen an increase in the number of hospitals eliminating their OB services, causing maternal care desserts,” said Caroline Zimmerman, director for the Maine RMOMS Network. “Unfortunately, this often comes down to an inability for hospitals to financially support these units.”

These financial issues can be caused by a variety of factors, including low insurance reimbursement and skyrocketing labor costs. Parity’s software helps OB facilities with these issues by deploying software that helps optimize and manage nursing workforces based on each facility’s OB patient population, volumes and acuity levels.

“With today’s challenging financial and workforce environment, it’s time for OB units to leverage data to improve financial and staffing efficiencies,” said Heidi Morin, RN, Parity founder and CEO. “This is a nurse-developed solution for nurses that’s helping OB units across the country, so we’re excited to use our technology to help our home state of Maine.”

In addition to its software platform, Parity also provided consultative services around data analysis to help ensure birthing centers maximize workforce and financial efficiencies.

“We’re optimistic RMOMS and Parity can make a tangible difference in the stability of OB units across Maine,” said Zimmerman.