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How To Revolutionize Your Perinatal Staffing

Oct 26, 2023

Parity has immense potential to transform your perinatal (OB & NICU) nurse staffing, enhancing efficiency, patient care, and reducing labor costs. With features like real-time acuity-based nurse staffing, objective decision-making tools for Charge Nurses, acuity-based productivity targets, staffing trend analysis, predictive scheduling, patient volume insights, and cost utilization tracking, Parity empowers you to optimize nursing resources, improve labor efficiency, and enhance patient care outcomes.

Parity’s impact on labor efficiency and alignment with patient needs has delivered significant financial benefits to current customers. Here’s why labor cost savings matter:

1. Healthcare Financial Sustainability: Managing labor costs ensures long-term financial sustainability while delivering high-quality patient care.

2. Resource Allocation: Align staffing with patient acuity to meet care needs, minimizing risks of understaffing or overstaffing and improving patient outcomes.

3. Improved Staff Satisfaction and Retention: Adequate staffing reduces burnout, enhances job satisfaction, and lowers turnover, recruitment, and training costs. Heavy workloads and unsafe nurse-patient ratios are the top reasons nurses leave the bedside.

4. Enhanced Patient Safety: Proper staffing mitigates risks, reduces adverse events, and improves patient safety metrics.

5. Regulatory Compliance: Parity helps meet regulations and standards by providing objective data to support staffing decisions.

To revolutionize your perinatal staffing, we can no longer rely on outdated legacy systems and processes for calculating nurse staffing levels or workloads. Embracing innovations like Parity is crucial to achieving different outcomes such as improved staffing, reduced labor expenses, decreased nurse turnover, labor efficiency, and nurse schedules aligned with patient flow. To learn more and book a demo, click the link below: